Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Learn how to get in shape and stay healthy

Nowadays people are facing a great problem of weight loss in their lives. Whether you are young or getting old, everyone seems to struggle to get in a proper shape. This awareness has increased in a couple of years and getting more and more every day.

Many people follow the diet rules from the books, plan a special diet, and hire a dietician. Also many people rely on the food supplements and herbal tea for weight loss. But to be honest these medications are just for a temporary time and it can’t last for a long time. As soon as you give up from these medications you will start gaining weight again.

The main cause of the weight loss is a bad unhealthy life style. First of all to get a body in shape or to get thin we need to follow a proper guideline for that we need to understand that how much calorie each one of us should burn every day as every one has a different metabolism.

It is also based on the amount you consume every day. But if your metabolic rate is slow then you need to eat less and work out more and follow the diet which constantly burn up your calories.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Get thin in the summers - Fasting and Diet Plan

During the last couple of years many weight loss programs have been started on the internet and the television and so many people started taking interest in weight loss issues. The awareness particularly started due to the big amount of diseases which are increasing day by day no matter at what age you are in but due to obesity many people are suffering.

To get thin sounds easy but when you really starts working on it gets quite hard. As there are so many medications and supplements available in the market which attracts consumer to reduce weight in just a little time may cause problem for the people afterwards as these medications have a high number of side affects.

To reduce weight in a less time is more difficult then if you have time because you flip your life style all of a sudden and it is difficult for a body to manage that crash diet. So as a result it usually happens that you loose weight for time being and then when you get back to your normal routine you again start to put up more weight then before. It is better to slowly make your body use to with the new life style and then burn your calories and try to stick on that life style of loosing weight.

For a quick weight loss you need to burn your calories extra then usual and in that case more work out is required. To follow a five day weight loss schedule might helps when you want to get thin in a less period of time. First day you start with high diet including lots of carbohydrates and then on second day less of carbohydrates and more of whole grain wheat diet including fruits and vegetables, the third day again carbohydrates in the diet, and in fourth day you will have both carbohydrates and the high protein. And on fifth day you will take less of carbohydrates and more of protein.

While following this diet chart it should make sure that you work out more and fruits and vegetables should be in your diet. By changing the life style and routine habits of eating ultimately brings enormous changes n the human body and as result it gets quite easier to constantly maintains the body weight.